Her Maritime Guardians of Charleston Harbor was founded under the name "The Santee Cooper Imperial Navy" as a rebel group founded by a few Merczateers rejects and several anti-Merczateer individuals.

After a short war that lasted several days, both sides claimed victories and ended hostilities with one another.

From here, the group renamed its self to "The Charleston Revolutionary Navy". The CN, as they were known then, supported the Alliance Navy for a brief amount of time in the AN-Merczateer war until the Alliance Navy cursed at and harassed several Petty officers and their commander in chief, Inuyasha Deere.

The CN took a pro-Mercz stance, and fought with blood lust against their secondary enemy, the Second Life Sky Navy for several weeks. In the end, the military once again finished a war where both sides claimed victory.

The group went through two name changes, before finally setting on the name "Her Maritime Guardians of Charleston Harbor"

The HGA, as they are known now, have several wartime victories against allies of the Alliance Navy. Amongst their enemies who have succombed to them are the High Tech Force, Mercenary Army, Mercenary Navy, and FEAR.

The HGA are currently allied with the SLSN, Grand Federation, and Alpha Marines.

While they are not allied with the Merczateers, they plead full support to them in their war against the Alliance Navy, Grid Army, and Sparta.

The battle of Hawkins Ridge ended the era of the HGA, effectively ending Inuyasha Deere's campaign for glory. After three pryhhic annexations of the HTF, FEAR, and Mercenary Army, the HGA was not suited to fight much longer in combat. It's infrastructure was broken, and several officers had become sedentary in their actions.

Following a random breakout of a war with the TCG, the HGA was carpet bombed to their demise in several days.

The divisions go as follows.

-Naval Infantry-

The standard ground unit of the HGA.

-Naval SEAL Force-

A covert, invasion ground force that spearheads attacks for the Naval Infantry in "fireteams".

-Naval Air Forces-

The airforce of the HGA,capable of flying carrier or land based missions. They operate MiG-19s as attack aircraft, MiG-21s as standard fighters, and MiG-23s for ceremonial and wing commander roles.

MiG-15s have been seen on HGA bases, though they are static aircraft used seldomly used as trainers.

-Naval Fleet Divisions-

The fleet division of the HGA, operating sky fleet as a way of means to transport SEALs, or take place in anti-infantry missions with their heavy five inch guns. The fleet division sees nuclear subs in it's future as a means to carry it's nuclear ICBMs that are still in the stages of development.

-Naval Engineering Force-

The non-combat engineer division of the HGA, making the small arms and throwing knives of the HGA. The engineering force actually makes only a small fraction of the HGA's items, as the divisions produce their own uniforms, aircraft, ships , submarines, and other equipment.