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Mr. Khan

Heizeus Khan (pronounced "hey-ZOOS") is a moderately successful (albeit relatively incognito) contract worker within SL. He was introduced to SL early in its development by his RL friends, Neil and Nephilaine Protagonist, where he immediately took to producing custom skins for his own amusement. He won several of SL's early Avatar contests, and at the time was most noted for his incredibly detailed avatar based on The Lord of the Rings character Gollum. While not an overly active resident, Heizeus was certainly no stranger to the SL community and would pop in from time to time to explore, grief, idle, or chit-chat with the locals. He is a member (though rather inactively) of W-Hat.

Most recently, Heizeus has worked contractually for the Electric Sheep Company, NBC, and Millions Of Us. For MoU, he produced a number of 2D Commercial designs for Scion City, Budweiser, and Microsoft. For NBC and ESC, he has been responsible for the production of a variety of celebrity avatars, including all those for Showtime's "The L Word," Dean Koontz, George R.R. Martin, Carl Bildt, and a variety of other celebrities, politicians, and businesspeople.

Heizeus also owns and operates a very modest Mens' Clothing shop called "BetterMan," which offers an assortment of realistic eyes, skins, avatars and clothing that rival many of the bigger shops in quality, but at a significantly lower price. BetterMan can be found in Port Seraphine.

While his skin, shape, hair, and clothing change regularly, he retains his signature self-made eyepatch. Khan insists that his skin and shape always remain self-made, as well.

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