The Hawk Empire was started after the closing of Black Talon in late 2006 by Jerzy Sodwind. He then invited friends, Dengali Mensing and JR WUnderland to help him to run the new founded army. It was created to be an Anti New Rome but was almost instantly joined as an ally in combat. Hawk quickly grew in the grid, putting themselves on the map by buying 512m of land initially in Snicket and creating the initial base. Budah Budan was soon also invited to be an emperor of the budding power. They soon had a very unique bird armor made by Patrick Paz so that they could establish themselves. Soon after, the Hawk Emperors were able to secure a large area of land in an oceanside sim, making a very modern base with elevators, large lavish offices, premier scripting, armory, gun range, and many other amazing amenities. Soon, the news of Talon coming back started to be heard around the grid, and the Emperors decided that they were going to break off from their alliance with New Rome, which made Budah mad, and he invited Darckk Trilam to be an owner, which in turn sent Hawk into a downward spiral. Soon after, someone was found script ripping from Roman armor in the Hawk base, and someone in both groups created a commotion, causing Dengali Mensing to become aggravated at the ineffectiveness of the other members of the group. In a bout of rage, he ejected everyone from the group, and him and Jerzy forced the others to resign from their positions so that they could re-group and restart Hawk. When Darckk refused to leave the group, it was considered dead, and left alone. In Early 2007, Budah brought it back with a few friends, and it is know starting over again, with help from several of the members of the original including Dengali.