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The Grid Army is an Second Life military group that was founded in April 2007 as a collaboration of ex-Commando SL members frustrated with their former group's poor quality leaders, equipment, and overall tactics. It's headquarters are in District 13. It is led by Field Marshal Pauleh Kamachi.

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Grid Army Infantryman


In late April 2007 Pauleh Kamachi, Haskell Allen, Jewels Kamachi, Achman Janus, Crow Carter, Pyo Minghuang, and Brocco Furse left Commando SL after becoming disgusted with the actions of the commander and other members. They began a series of meetings during which the group that would become Grid Army would be formed. Most of the original planners left for Sparta leaving only Haskell Allen and Pauleh Kamachi to build Grid Army up.

They decided to take things slowly and plan out Grid Army's future instead of grabbing their guns immediately and marching to war. In the mean time they assisted other groups when they could. In mid-July of 2007 they saw fit to begin active recruiting for Grid Army and establishing formal relations with other armies. In August they moved to thier current headquarters location. They also where in growl 2 for a while. Pauleh decided to chane to a proper sim.


Grid Army is composed of three divisions, with a fourth in planning.

Infantry Division

The Infantry Division is the core of Grid Army operations. It is divided into 3 battalions: regular infantry, airborne, and light infantry. They employ the HAR-A1 family of weapons in their various forms depending on the role that the individual infantryman fills. Some infantrymen are also trained in the use of shoulder-fired anti-armor and anti-aircraft rockets.

Tactical Air Command

The Air Corps exists to support the Infantry though close air support, strategic bombing, and air superiority. Grid Army Airborne forces are also transported to battle in Air Crops transports.

As of late the Air Corp has now been renamed to the Tactical Air Command.

Engineering Division

A non-combat division of which most of it's members are also active in combat roles. The engineering division is responsible for constructing weapons of war for the Grid Army's use.

Grid Navy

It became clear to Grid Army leadership that a non-physical fleet would be required to keep up with Second Life's changing battle scape. It is currently in the planning stages while two classes of preliminary ships are built, the Marcus Agrippa-Class Cruiser and the Farragut-Class Frigate.

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