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Of or related to the sub culture around the John Norman Gor novels in second life. Gor is one of the largest sources of material for roleplay in Second Life.

The Gor novels feature an arborean counter planet to Earth, with elements drawn from antiquity and fantasy. The culture of Gor focuses on either tribal or a city-state society with a caste structure that includes priests and slavery.

Types of Roles

There are many roles in the world of Gor. You can be a Kajira (slave girl) a Free Women (generally just a woman who is free) a Mistress/Master (owns slaves) a Free Man, a Panther (a savage free woman) or a male slave. They all come with important roles in the game.

Where to Play

If you search 'Gor' or 'Gorean' in the Search/Places bar there's sure to be hundreds of places to play Gor in. Many cities have different rules and roles, so you can often find some cities with a difference- but they all stick to the novels!

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Gorean Information

If you are interested in gorean kultur or want some help or advice about gorean roleplay, then look to the Gorean Online Dictionary Wikia. There you find also a lot of links about gorean knowledge and culture.