A Goon is a netizen who has an active account on the Something Awful forums. The goon populations is large and diverse, techie oriented, and favors direct, often potty mouthed, expression.

Goons have become infamous for trolling groups such as the otherkin, anime fandom, and furry fandom. This often involves gimmick pranks, stirring up trouble in those communities via defacing, or an invasion in the form of a swarm (referred to as a Goon Rush, an homage to the Zerg Rush from Blizzard's StarCraft).

It is notable that not all goons act this way -- Something Awful's rules explicitly state that defacing, harassing, or invading other forums or communities is not permitted and subject to account banning.[1] However, action is rarely taken against users who turn their online behavior into real-world harassment. Compounding the issue is the large volume of lurkers and unregistered users on Something Awful's forums who take it upon themselves to commit such acts of harassment, both on the Internet and in real life.


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