Gidge Uriza was born in Feb 2007 and spent her first year in SL working under the notorious gangster Vicente Bolero. Charged with maintaining his stable of women, and later the operations of his island, Gidge was fairly unknown on the SL soceity scene until she held some art shows on Vicious Island. Her real rocket to fame came when she began blogging on It's Only Fashion with Cajsa Lilliehook, that blog's creator. Widely liked as kind, funny and generous - Gidge is considered to be a rising star on the fashion scene. Designers like her because even in criticism she is respectful and her tone and demeanor is never haughty or obnoxious.

She is well known for helping out new players by showering them with whatever they need and allowing any number of AVs to reside in her home because they can't afford tier.

Gidge's most famous AV trait is that she is fiercely loyal.

She is married to her RL husband in SL, Silo Uriza. They've never bothered to partner, she says they've never seen the need.