Gi0vanni Munro (member sinds 3/16/2007) is the goalkeeper of SLS Köln. He joined SLS Köln at 31/5/08 and has a contract till 31/08/2010.

Gi0vanni munro went to the club when Tobias Lederberg showed him the football system in sl.gi0vanni had his first contract for Köln at the first day he tried out the goalkeeper hud.Gi0vanni was at that time the 2nd goalkeeper of Koln, but after his first match the club decited to make him 1st goalkeeper.


Cup Team
2008 DFSL Cup Kôln
2008 Mediterraneo Cup Köln
2008 German League Winner Köln

National Team

Gi0vanni munro played first for the national team Romania. They joined the International Cup and had to go home at the quarter finels


Teams Score
Romania - Portugal 14-0
Romania - Greece 12-2
Romania - Frence 12-5

New National Team

After some time the football system grew a lot and a lot new teams where made. gi0vanni talked with MidnightRaver Campbell wich is the Manager of the England soccer team And asked the Vstex team for changing nationality wich was accepted.