Second Life comprised of a series of islands which fall into two broad geographic categories, mainland and outlying.

The mainland islands tend to be larger and more solid, sharing a common geographic base that appears to be limestone.

The geographic composition of the outlying islands is both varied and variable, frequently requiring continual maintenance activities on the part of their inhabitants, "Islanders" as opposed to the "Mainlanders" who can lose possession of land on mainland islands without the underlying land disappearing.

Some outlying islands have very solid geographical bases and have been accessible since the early days of the Metaverse. However, many outlying islands have appeared and disappeared over the span of a few months.

While there is continental mainland, there is also a fair amount of action taking place on the various islands. What follows are some of the existing islands:

  • Academy Island
  • ASU altl
  • Baker Island
  • Ballers City
  • Belgacom 1
  • Cervantes
  • DMU
  • Hellsdeep
  • Fingers Lake Island
  • Food
  • Imperial College London
  • Israel
  • Kuduran
  • Leedmet FAS
  • Loyalist College
  • Orientation Island
  • The Hospital
  • UOIT