Geeky Han joined SL on July 14th, 2006. Geeky didn't care much for combat groups in the beginning, and actually joined two without knowing what they truly were.

First Groups

Geeky's first group he could remember being apart of was The Protoss. They moved to Camden, and just so happened that Geeky was a neighbor in there,so bla Albert asked him to join and Geeky worked his way up the rankes to second in command. Eaither way, Geeky worked hard fighting against New Rome,and was earned in experience greatly. Another group that Geeky was apart of was Chaos. This was around the time chaos was against FP. Chaos died,then life went on. Eventually,Chaos Reborn was created and Geeky was invited to there. Then Geeky quited Chaos Reborn and just went on with his SL,away from combat groups. Eventually,his friend Kaeman Demar made a group called the Underground Mercs,and Geeky joined after dealing with some issues. Geeky eventually rose up from trainee,to commander(second in command). Then,after many battles,and good times,the UG Mercs went under. Geeky though kept with Underground White Talons and it has evolved greatly. Eventualy Underground White Talons was reformed into the group Abko'mmlich Zerstorung or [AZ]. [AZ] grew more than UGWT ever did, aquireing a base in the simulator Carroll which has had alot of Military history assosiated with it. AZ had a decent run through till multiple factors brought it's end.


Geeky resides with friends.