Garrett first joined Teen Second Life in middle of February of '09. Just in few days he met his first friend known as Jason Ectonite both very close to this day. After few months of running around trying to find something to do, they finally joined ASR - Processing_. During this time Garrett met few notables of ASR. Toka Barak, Unforgiven Destiny, and Koga Serpente. After the two week ban of Unforgiven, Toka took over Garrett's training and passed him within a month of his joining.


As Garrett made it into ASR, he was closely watched by Toka who saw him as a interest. Finally being taken in under Toka's wing, Garrett learned all he needed to about Teen Grid Warfare. Being trained in the ways of tactic and spawning your enemy into surrender. By July the Grid was slipping and Garrett got the chance to join Black Wulf Tactics a militia led by an ex-ASR Lord. Toka gave Garrett the permission knowing that in order to become greater you need to get out in the world. Two months later still at rank of a trainee, BWT died and Garrett was given chance to come back to ASR.

New Start

Finally with Garrett back Toka continued his training until where Toka took a break from ASR and moved to another army to help train the new meat. While Toka's departure, Garrett took over ASR training as well as the division eventually making it up to rank of Captain. Toka came back not a month later as a Sergeant under command of his old apprentice. However this isn't a Disney Story and once more Garrett left under stress.

Ganz & Angelus

Soon after leaving ASR, Garrett went off to Ganz an enemy of ASR where he joined at the rank of a private. A few weeks later he made his way up to third where Ganz finally died after the banning of its leader. After the death of Ganz Garrett joined Angelus an army that was started by an ex ASR that Toka trained way back in '08. He joined as a 2nd in command where he stayed for the next month until the convincing of Toka to leave the pathetic heap of garbage that can't keep the same name for longer then a month.

Final Return

With the convincing of his former master, Garrett rejoined ASR as a Processee just a year after his joining of the grid and he awaits promotion into the main army when Shawn the Emperor gets back. Who knows if this is the actual final return. Few can only hope.