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Gaeta is Second Life's seventh continent. It probably dates from the spring of 2008 since few if any pieces of land have claim dates much before April of 2008.

Gaeta lies due east of Corsica and Nautilus. It is the easternmost of Second Life's mainland continents.

Gaeta is shaped like a peanut. There is a broad sandy coastal swath. The interior is all green. There are no rivers. There is a fair amount of road, RT7 and RT7A, some of which is unfinished and some of which is under water.

Gaetans who do not live near the roads sometimes do not have access to them due to ban lines and obstructive builds.

Still, Gaeta had fewer ad-farms than many of the older continents and a variety of interesting builds. Because Linden Labs did not announce Gaeta with great fanfare (unlike Bay City and the Nautilus sims), land on the seventh continent remained reasonably priced into the summer of 2008.