Rez Day: April 21, 2006

I heard about SL while listening to Adam Curry's Podcast, "The Daily Source Code" in April of 2006. I thought SL sounded interesting, so I decided to check it out. My first name in SL (Gabrielle) is the name of my "evil twin" in RL. Gabrielle made her first appearances when I was in College..and now she's back. My SL last name (Riel) is one letter different from my RL maiden name.

I found Adam Curry's castle in SL not long after I joined, and bought a piece of land next to it. When he and his business associate approached me to buy the land, I sold it to them and negotiated a position as a Party Planner for Adam's Podshow Palace. I threw their launch party in May 2006, with the assistance of several helpful and experienced SL residents, and a Podsafe Music Party in July 2006. I actually had a mansion on Podshow Island for awhile.

I discovered Caledon about 2 weeks into SL, and asked to be put on the waiting list to become a resident. I moved to Caledon on June 6, 2006, into the 4096 sq. m. in the north west corner of Caledon Tamrannoch. I also owned an entire Void Sim (Hermes) in Dreamland, where I played with building, landscaping, and decorating.

In July 2006, Caledon-on-Sea arrived, and I moved to 8192 sq. m. in the south east corner there in order to keep my ocean view. It was in this incarnation of "La Maison Riel" that I sat on the back porch with Miss Eleanor Brentano and discussed my dream of wanting to build "a place to have parties" in Caledon. I purchased a sizeable chunk of land in the next Sim that rolled out, Caledon Moors. I planned to put the castle that Eleanor was building for me there, but when we dropped it on the lot, the building towered over that half of the Sim. It was simply too big!

(More to come)