Fukmi Sideways appeared on the grid September 15, 2007 with a single-minded focus - clothes! She already had a passion for fashion so it didn't take her long to see that there could be a market for casual, colorful, quirky, affordable mix'n'match clothing. As soon as she rid herself of the nooble (noob hobble), she opened her first Fukmi Clothing and More' store at the Booby Hatch River Boat Club. With its closing, the store moved a few more times before settling into its new location at Third Life Books. The small chain of boutiques has recently expanded adding locations at the Pounded Flounder, Pretty N'Punk, Lost Isle, and will soon open at Sn@tch City.

On June 14, 2008, she partnered with Amanda Shinji. The business recently expanded to include Amanda's Shinji Accessories line which utilizes the same colorful Fukmi palette enhancing the ability to mix'n'match between the brands.