Rez day 17 July 2006

The only remaining founding resident of Seogwipo, she still has her First Land there and in total owns 19200 square meters in the sim. She has an additional 512 meters in Smither's Bluff in The Snowlands.

She has also owned land in Kings Stone, Davros, Fenric, and Shipley.

She rents land in the private Estate of New Toulouse where she is proprietress of The Green-Eyed Fairy in New Toulouse proper, and has a further 512 in New Toulouse Bayou.

She used to live in Caledon II but now has land in Caledon Tanglewood where she owns The Cup And Spittle (a name familiar to anyone who plays Tiny Empires). Francesca is a Princess in the Kingdom of Caledon. Her liege is Bridget McKay and her chief subject is loracenaj Ogg who are both founding residents of Seogwipo.

A part-time Tiny, she also rents a parcel in Raglan Commons, part of the Raglan Shire cluster, where she lives the busy life of an ordinary everyday raccoon.

Last but not least, she has 512 meters in W
The 2 faces of francesca

The two faces of Francesca Alva

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