Fleep Tuque

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Born on: 10/11/2005

First Land: [Acontia sim]

Current Home: Chilbo mainland sim [Chilbo Town Hall]

Profile Text:

Hi! I'm here to explore the educational, cultural, economic, and political potential of virtual environments.

See Web tab for latest status update!

New to SL? Visit the Chilbo Community Town Hall from the Picks tab. Other SL projects:

- Chilbo Community Building Community Project - University of Cincinnati SL Learning Community - OLN SL Ambassador - SL Best Practices in Education Conference Co-Chair - 2007 SL Relay for Life - SLCC07 Education Track - EduIsland Project -


  • Chilbo Community Building Project and Chilbo Landowners Association - Search for Chilbo to find public locations in our neighborhood.
  • Second Life Ambassador to the Ohio Learning Network. OLN helps Ohioans find educational programs that meet their needs, works with colleges and universities using technology to improve teaching and learning, and helps build partnerships among higher education, schools, businesses, and communities.