A lot of the records provided here are from a forum thread with posts by residents, the forum thread is located here: "SL History Wiki debuts!"

If you have any disputes or content to add to these records and for some reason cannot do it yourself, or are not sure where to put new records, please contact Oz Spade.

Thank you to everyone who helped (and continue to help) with this.

To qualify as a "first" the first must be something that is significant to the community, impacts it in some way, or some other tremendous act or break-through. This is to limit the lists in some way. All other previously stated Firsts will be kept even if they don't keep up to this rule. Examples: Good First: Making a breakthrough with LSL to make listening easier. Bad First: Poke Philip Linden.

General Firsts

Building Firsts

Scripting Firsts

Clothing/Texture Firsts