Second Life Wiki
  • Frames Per Second (another name for frame rate)
The amount of frames that are being rendered by your graphics card per second. This can be affected in SL if there are a lot of things being rendered (especially avatars or objects) and your settings are set high. You can view your current FPS via the statistics window (Ctrl-Shift-1 or View -> Statistics Window). If you are experiencing very low FPS you can try lowering your settings (and disabling some options) and/or reducing your Draw Distance, which may help.
  • First-Person Shooter
A first-person shooter is a type of game where you shoot things while the camera is in a "first-person" view. Half Life 2, Quake, Doom, Unreal Tournament, are all examples of FPS games. Although Second Life does indeed have the facility to act as an FPS, in a rudimentary fashion, it is not intended primarily as a player-v-player combat system. Several groups in-world have, however, created successful combat systems. Second Life also features a default Linden Labs Combat System (LLCS) that can be seen illustrated in a variety of sims. The region known as New Jessie is currently one major example of the idea of first-person shooting in Second Life put into practice. See also Role Playing.