Evie Fairchild is a beta/charter member (rez date 3/20/03) and owner of the first privately owned sim in Second Life. Early in Second Life, Linden Lab and NVidia sponsored a contest where the winner would have use of a private, closed sim for a period of time. Evie was fortunate enough to win. She gathered a team of the best artists, scripters and modelers (alphabetically, Chip Midnight, Mickey Roarke, Sam Nash, Valfaroth Grimm and Xylor Baysclef) and developed it into a themed build. On opening night to the public, Philip Linden came to the event at Cayman Island and was enthusiastic about what he saw. After that, Linden Lab used images of this build in their promotional materials. A photo of this sim is still used today on the Land Purchase page ( [1]). The popularity of this sim led to the Lindens to offer land in this way to all players.

Evie was an original member and officer of Spellbound Events ( Cofounders: Baccara Rhodes and Fey Brightwillow, officers: Nyna Slate, Panthar Orlowski and Evie Fairchild) which was responsible for some remarkable events and builds. One was the "Oz" build on Evie's sim, complete with the Emerald City, Munchkin Land, homes for the main characters and the keep of the Wicked Witch. They built Kansas in black and white and players went through a rainbow to the main build which was of course in color. Members of the team had brilliantly made costumes of all the characters in the story. Based on this and other work, Linden Lab granted temporary use of four sims to Spellbound to build "Neverland". This build included early London, a pub, the royal palace and the home of the Darlings. Through the children's bedroom, one flew to Neverland. There, players found pirate ships, an indian village, a mermaid island and Peter and the lost boys homes. This build was so successful that a reporter from the New York Times contacted Linden Lab and came in-world to interview the design team. The article was featured in the next Sunday edition and was quite complimentary.

Evie was one of the first Second Life Mentors and taught classes in Information for New Players, Building 101 and Texturing 101. More recently she was one of the beta testers for Voice in SL, working with a team of 16 others to introduce voice to new players at Orientation Island. Currently she works with Metaverse Mentors and is a project manager there. She is also working on content for several new events and projects.