DylanRyan Faith began on Teen Second Life in early 2009. Shortly after, he found success in the entertainment business with Eros Veritas, turning the club into the focal point of the Teen Grid social scene. Currently, he continues to own and manage Club Eros with many more projects in works for the future.

Dylan enjoys long walks from Bay City to the Welcome Area.His greatest desire is to see a Teen driven program that helps assimilate new residents to the grid and equips them with the tools needed for them to dream and succeed. Ultimately, Dylan wants to leave his thumbprint on this world and wants to ensure that you're given the opportunity to leave yours as well.Though he's often busy with Estate Management or with Eros, he will take time to help others.

He is head Estate Manager of Fi Folland's sims, often working with people and fixing land issues.

Dylan also owns Eros Veritas, the largest club and mall in Teen Second Life. Its success and popularity has contributed to him being well known on the grid.