Destructive Commander(aka DC) started his Second Life on August 20th,2006. He is interested mostly in Second Life military roleplay and combat. His military experience is as follows,from his first faction to his current/last :

1.Red Wolf Marines - 2006,Led by Destructive Commander and Crusher688 Flossberg. Went inactive and is permanently disbanded due to the lack of land.

2.Grand Federation of New Earth,known as "The Grand Federation" at the time. - 2006,Achieved E-4 Sergeant rank.

3.The U.N.I.T.(Original) - 2006,Led by Destructive Commander and Bradley Eros. Went inactive and disbanded because of issues that appeared in the leader's real life.

4.Second Life Sky Navy - 2007,Achieved E-3 Corporal rank.

5.Alpha Marines - 2007,Achieved E-3 Corporal rank.

6.The U.N.I.T. - 2007,Created again and led by Destructive Commander and Joe Komparu,but disbanded and is permanently inactive.

7.Second Life Sky Navy - 2008,Achieved Infantry Commander position,C-1 Commander rank.

8.Merczateers - 2008,Achieved E-1 Ryadovóy (Private) rank.

9.Grand Federation of New Earth - 2008,Achieved O-7 Lieutenant Colonel rank.

10.Militant Collective - 2008,Achieved S-6 Elite Specialist rank.

11.U.N.I.T - 2008,Achieved Ground Divisions Overseer position,O-7 Commander rank.

12.Ordo Imperialis - 2008,Achieved only C-1 Cadet,and was kicked from the training group after Phase II training. Explanatory reason was unknown.

13.Pan-Slavya Coalition - 2008,Achieved C-1 Polkovnik rank and multiple positions over the approximate three months served,such as: Second in Command of the Armii Division(Infantry),Coalition Recruiter,Zapas(Recruitment)Overseer,Zapas Drill Instructor,and Commissariat(High Command)Member. One of the very few fulfilling experiences he has been through, out of his entire military career in Second Life.

14.Erusean SFSR Red Army - 2008,Basic Infantry for 1 month, left under personal choice due to the loss of Erusean land.

15.Sturm Korps - 2008,Achieved Infanterie Personnel position. Service only lasted several weeks, due to lack of acivity.

16.Echelon Union - 2008, Achieved Echelon Exarch, 2IC of the Trooper Division, XO-Generalloytnant, and various positions such as Echelon Recruiter and Orienteer.

Destructive has never been ejected from any of the groups he has been involved in, except the Ordo Imperialis training group, and has left the factions under personal choice only. Reasons for leaving could be due to: A)Unusual environment, B)Uneventful tour of duty, C)Corrupt leadership/overseers, D)Lack of proper development, and/or E) Loss of interest,etc.

For more details regarding his current military information, you may view Destructive Commander's profile in-world.