Daffee Vita is an officer of the famous military known as 2142. He is their 2142 Airforce Commander. He joined Second Life after being introduced to it by Terror Voom.

First Experiences

Daffee firstly joined Alpha Marines and slowly in a few weeks worked his way to officer (thanks to Terror being a Marshal, of course that had nothing to do with it). He later on became a Marshal of Alpha Marines and owned people with the XM8 Assault Rifle which was standard issue to the Alphas.

Later on he left Alpha Marines when he said "No offence Luke, I just think you suck." and then left as Luke cried over it. Daffee and Terror left as a duo and then their rampages on the Dorien SIM began.

Daffee and Terror would through the mid September go to dorien and start owning the living *CENSORED* out of Alliance Navy. Plus, they got to know a new group emerging in a professional manner called 2142. After Daffee and Terror contacted Eazy101 Wilber about joining he named Daffee and Terror as "You are just spies for Sparta, i'm not dummy." he then would shoot us. A few days past and then Eazy put up with the duo attacking and then later on. Daffee would find their parcel in Fordham and would then bring over Terror to join.


Daffee spent a lot of his time for nearly 8 months in 2142, it was to him his first proper Military to join and he loved it, with many funny people and good behaviour and nice gear. Daffee felt he was in his zone, after 4-5 months, he made it to Officer and 2142's first ever Air Commander.

He kept that position for a long period of time, but then he got tired of 2142, he felt a bit lost in 2142 due proffessionalism just wasn't there anymore, after a tough time with his good old friend LordBob Boa, Daffee decided to leave 2142 and head to Alliance Navy.

Alliance Navy

He managed to get to E-3 in Alliance Navy and was kicking ass in the air division. He finally though was persuaded by Olympus Wycliffe (aka Terror Voom) to join the IEN Iron Eagle Navy for long. He decided after consideration joining and in doing so became their fleet marshal.


Nowadays Daffee is Fleet Marshal for the IEN's AirFleet. Creating a building a strong Air Fleet with vice Bourne Cinquetti.


Building Amazing stuff such as :

  • 2142 Air Commander
  • 2142 Officer
  • Alliance Navy Air Pilot
  • ANAD Instructor
  • 2142 Sniper
  • 2142 SMG
  • Fleet Ships
  • Aircrafts
  • Realistic working model of the M1 Garand from World War II.