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The first sim to be added to the grid, marked as sim number 1 (sim1), however recently the server it runs on was replaced and now it is most likely on a different server/sim number (as seen by Help - About Second Life). Da Boom is a Mature rated sim on the continent of Sansara and has been home to many clubs and events.

Named after the alley De Boom St., located next to the former Linden Lab offices on 2nd Street. The spelling mistake between Da and De was not realized for some time. The mistake remains one that has gone unchanged, unlike Cordova and Abbotts among others which were corrected.

Historical Landmarks[]

Disco Alt-Zoom
Original home of the Alt-Zoom disco originaly built by Philip Linden, later the disco was run by Brock Stone and then by Eggy Lippmann. Alt-Zoom was located where the telehub is now in Da Boom. Alt-Zoom was moved to Blue due to Da Boom's object usage being at 100% (before object usage was tied to land).
Loop Shack
Also a build called "Loop Shack" was in DaBoom and noted on the old world map. The Loop Shack was meant to supplement the Disco. The Alt-Zoom disco contained a very advanced piece of scripting called the MixMaster, where you could put sound loops and make them play, loop, control their volume, etc. However the audio lag at the time made playing with audio not the most enjoyable of things. The Loop Shack was also meant as a place where people could buy new sound loops to use at the Disco. But, like most Linden-ran projects, it failed due to lack of time on their behalf to adequately promote and maintain it. A complete set of musical instruments was also for sale for L$1000. There was a concert at the Loop Shack way back in Beta. Information on the concert may be available somewhere on the website or in the NWN (New World Notes). Some of the sounds and instruments from the Loop Shack as well as the MixMaster still remain in resident's inventories.
The Edge
A popular club that eventualy moved to its own sim.

Current Landmarks[]

  • [[<><> ROCKWELL <><>]] - Rockwell's private collection of original Starax Statosky sculptures

LSL Wiki Snippet[]

Da Boom was the first sim on the grid. It's SW corner is placed at <1000, 1000, 0> sim coordinates or <256000, 256000, 0> global coordinate meters. Some people refer to Da Boom as the center of the grid, but there's no technical reason to do so.

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