Cory Toonie is a Shock Commander of the Grand Army of the Republic (GAR), serving as one of the five councilman within the (GAR) Council. His account has been around since July 2005, serving since the very beginning of the (GARs) creation. Toonie is a veteran of the Sith Wars, Mandalorian Wars, and the new era of the (GAR). He is still an active member of the Grand Army. His I.D. is G-4178. Cory Toonie is also the founder of the Jawa Republic and Par'jila Ayafa. He is known as Eldest Tu'ni. The Jawa Republic was formed in September 2006 and has reached numbers almost to 100 members + Cory has also written a huge Novel of his service in the (GAR), he can be contacted in world for those who choose to read it. His Secondlife mentor Indy Turner taught him much about mutual respect and SL's virtual building. Cory is seen as a mentor in both (GAR) and Secondlife. He spends much time contributing to the Star Wars Roleplaying Community (SWRPC)