CopyBot is a project by Libsecondlife in an effort to provide a tool for the end user to back up and download/upload one's own creations. Under its more famous features, it had the ability to copy the prims it sees on someone's avatar, or an individual free-standing object. It did not have the ability to copy the contents of objects, including any scripts that may have been used.

Controversy and Fallout

On November 14, 2006, CopyBot was leaked to the public without LibSL's approval. In reaction to the leak of a potentially devastating tool, several shops closed doors in protest. LibSL had received severe criticism from residents for the lack of ethics some of the developers had, as well as lack of control they had over their source code. Others criticized Linden Lab for their support of LibSL.

In response to the leak of CopyBot, LibSL has now restricted access to its developer code. Also, it has disbanded a member who was seen to be discussing the more nefarious uses of the bot. In addition, LibSL had experienced a complete restructuring of command, with several people moving to only programmer status, as well as moving of the source code to a site which allows tigher control of distribution. The residual effects have yet to be seen, due to some organizing a boycott of buying and selling in Second Life due to Linden Lab's response of CopyBot, as well as some items being effectively leaked to freebie form.

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