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Clothing is an item that is created through the appearance window. Each clothing type has its own tab through which changes can be made. Textures can be applied to clothing easily. Most clothing looks "painted" on the avatar because clothing is really just a texture and shape change applied to the avatar's mesh by layering the textures on top of each other and "baking" them together into one complete texture which is then applied to the avatar. The only clothing item that is its own separate mesh is the skirt.

Clothing items can be sold and traded between residents, then applied to avatars by dragging or "wearing" just one item individually, or by putting selected items into a folder and dragging that onto the avatar.

The various types of clothing are: gloves, jackets, pants, shirt, shoes, skirts, socks, underpants, and undershirts.

Changes to body parts such as hair or eyes are saved as "bodyparts" and labeled as the appropriate part.


There are many editing options for clothes in the appearance window. For example, if I create a shirt and it is too:

Problem Solution
Sleeves too long? Slide the sleeve length bar left a bit.
Not right colour? Try clicking the colour box.
Want to add a texture? Click the texture box.
Waist too low? Move the shirt bottom slider left a bit.
Collar too high? You can either move the collar front left or the collar back left.
Too tight? Move the shirt fit right a bit.
Sleeves too loose? Move the sleeve looseness left a bit.
Want a wrinkly shirt? Move the shirt wrinkles slider right til you're satisfied (please be aware that this slider is currently broken and has been for a long time)

If you make the right moves, you can modify your shirt just the way you want it (or your pants, underpants, shoes, socks, skirt, etc, etc)