Clean up your inventory sometime in Cleanup Week! Sometime during the first week in November, take 10 minutes to an hour cleaning up your inventory. Make sure that you purge that trash and put things in nice lil' folders!

The new Cleanup Week tradition was started by Alpha Zaius on the teen grid. For teen grid residents, here is the forum link:

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Alpha Zaius:

So, I was looking in my inventory. I have a bunch o' junk in there (couple thousand useless objects and textures and crap!) I wanted to clean it out tonight, but I decided why not make it a holiday!

I talked to people on IRC and other players I know and we all decided why not make the week after halloween (November 1st - November 7th) the.... Second Life Annual Cleanup Week! We play SL with little (and sometimes) free of charge! Why not give the servers a break and make the world a bit more stable and you can be a bit more organized.

Everyone, when they have the chance, get together with friends and everyone call talk about the crap they have in their inventory. Delete the ones you dont care about anymore (ie. box cubes named 'Object') and make folders for the ones you want to keep. (I like to name folders by the date I make them, then have subfolders such as "Creations" "Gifts" "Etc" and organize it more. Go through the entire object, sound, texture, clothing, and all the other folders and do that. Then, when you are done, delete unwanted things in the lost and found, and take the wanted things and put them with your objects folder. Empty the trash and you are done. This will take me about 20 minutes, and I have around 5k plywood cubes in my inventory. If you are a new player, it would take you about 5 minutes.

Post your thoughts and ideas to expand onto this holiday!