Hello. Welcome to my page.

Yes..I have the record of Tears Cryed in Second Life.

My heart was broken so many times, I lost the number

Love seems to be a very difficult thing to get in SL, no matter how much you bring yourself to another one, you will never recived the same.

But i have a problem with this record, to make it official, I had not collect my tears in a bottle to let you know how much they were.

I cryed a lot over the keyboard, and I had to dry it, to keep it from damage. Another great amount was cryed at night, and my pillow get all that amount.

Sometimes I cryed at my work (actually i loged fro my work a lot) and i had to go and make up, so nobody would noticed i cryed

In the way back home, i cryed many times too, but those tears fall dawn over my lap.

But, if you take all my deceptions, and my painful days, and so on, well i guess you can almost have a gallon of suffering tears.

Im not cosidering the joyful tears, because even they existed, there were not such to count