Sim rating: Mature


Originally one of the Boardwalk sims, and the world's waterfront boardwalk. Jeff Linden and other Linden liaisons hosted weekly" Avatar of the Week" contests at a Linden-owned amphitheatre.

Candie Apple won an auction for land in Clara in 2003 with a L$77,500 bid, and hosted the Second Life Lottery there. Clara was also the home to a Parthenon-styled art gallery. This gallery was home to the first in-world wedding, between Charlie Omega and Lynnix Muse.

A bridge, created by Barnesworth Anubis and SteveR Whiplash once connected Clara to Boardman.

As of 27 October 2007, Clara consists of Teeny Leviathan's central plot, while the rest of the land is owned by Luskwood, for their 'free rent' (tier contribution only) program, for Luskwood residents to live in.

Historical Landmarks

Stamp's mall 
Stampshady Grimm built one of SL's first malls there, back in 1.0. It was a beautiful colonial mansion, which sadly caused a lot of lag, due to the sheer amount of texture-changing texture packs Stamp had for sale. It was later sold to Rathe Underthorn. Stamp's original intent had always been to demonstrate that one could set up a business, make it profitable, and sell it for more than one's initial investment. This goal was achieved succesfully, but did not have any immediate repercussions in SL culture.
Dale's Estate 
Dale Glass purchased the land 02 May 2006, and created this build a week later; it is all Dale's work, with the exception of the teleporter, created by Will Morris. It has been designed to maximize the use of automation and minimize the use of resources. Visitors are welcome, however there is a security system in the works, so be prepared!
Leviathan Estate 
Teeny Leviathan's personal stomping ground. Teeny's original parcel of land in Clara was 288 sq m, and was purchased in early June 2003 at L$1/sq m, back in the days before the land tier system was introduced. At first, the land was occupied by a generic newbie cabin. That came to an end when Teeny's "noob texturing skillz" ruined the cabin. The main house that stands in Clara now replaced the cabin. It really has not changed much in 3 years. Its a simple build, but one of a few which have stood since beta. It remains an unfinished build.