Who is Chirag Hawks?

Chirag Hawks is an active member in the [Spartan Empire], He is also one of three owners of [[Club][Envy]]

History in [Spartan Empire]

Chirag Hawks joined sparta when he decided that [UE]-[Underground Empire] got on his bad side, he joined in the Hippoden era. His base history includes Hippoden War Factory, Carroll, Morte Facility, and now Lacedeamon. As of right now, he is a [Spartan Hyva].


Chirag Hawks is the primary "idea guy" at the club, he manages most if not all of the music streams, proposals, events, and sometimes scripts and builds.


Chirag Hawks is now inactive due to excessive homework and little to no time on computer per day

He is also trying to get his school into the SL education program, which he will be managing