Chat is a basic part of Second Life. Residents will often chat to one another in public or private (through instant messages). Usually, chat will refer to the public "chatter" between residents. Objects can also "chat" through usage of a script with functions like llSay. This "chatter" may or may not be seen by residents depending on the channel used by the function.


These are some IRC-style "commands" that can be used by a resident to do specific chat functions.

  • /me <action> - Will show your name followed by the action.
    • Example: /me sits
    • Result: Oz Spade sits
  • /<gesture> or simply <gesture> - Gestures can be prompted through a "Trigger" which can be set in the gesture window. Only one gesture per sentence can be done.
    • Example: /laughs or laughs
    • Result: Oz Spade laughs wildly at the thought!
  • /<number> <text> - Will have your avatar say <text> on channel <number>. Only scripts/objects can see chat from other channels, avatars can only see chat on channel 0.
    • Example: /3 Hi!
    • Result: Hi! on channel 3
  • //<text> - Will have your avatar say <text> on the last channel you used before.
    • Example: //Hello!
    • Result: Hello! on channel 3


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