Group insignia

Chaos Decretum is a second life military group within Second Life, and was founded by Dark Svenska/DarkSleepur/DarkSleeper In 2008, after the fall of his previous group; Pan Slavia Coalition. Decretum was modeled as a parody/mockery/evil counter part of the Ordo Imperalis.

Decretum is a exclusive fraternity of idiots and rejects from other SLMC groups, who chose to walk the path of perpetual torment by turning to Dark for life advice. They spend all day sucking Dark's every fart directly into their mouths in order to grow more powerful, as they constantly seek validation and strength. Once fully initiated after pronouncing their loyalty to the Dark Asshole himself, they mostly sit around playing video games inside the Eye of Terror, or trying to destroy the SLMC. Some would say that they are trapped in SLMC, forever cursed with listening to Dark's drunken idiotic orders and rants, but it is the SLMC who is trapped in Second Life with these fiends...forever.

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