Located in Deimos (build no longer exists)

The Cannabis Cathedral was built for Darko Cellardoor and Paris Cellardoor in late 2003 to satisfy an ever-increasing number of party-goers that were showing up at the Cellardoors' home in DaBoom. Wanting a large space that reflected his pro-cannabis beliefs, Darko contracted Juro Kothari to construct the club.

Toward the end of construction, the Cellardoors decided to relocate thier home and club to a new sim that had come up for auction: Deimos. Construction was finished and the grand opening party held on April 17, 2004.

The club featured a large dance floor with 2 stages, one of which featured a waterfall that emptied into a pool flanked by dance platforms. The DJ booth was atop the waterfall and overlooked the dance floor. The club also had a retractable glass roof, semi-private 'smoke rooms', a VIP lounge and photo gallery showing photography by Nick Rhodes. There were two store spaces at the front of the club for Cartel de Juarez members to display goods.

The club attracted a large following and set the all-time dwell record, though it may have since been elapsed. The club also held one of (possibly the first?) 24-hour Linden4Life benefit dance party hosted by Darko Cellardoor, Baba Yamamoto, and Misty Rhodes. A total of $L113,200 was raised at that event.

Cannabis Cathedral held its final party on July 10, 2004 and was taken down shortly afterward.


Cannabis Cathedral 1

Exterior Shot

Cannabis Cathedral 2

Club Entrance

Cannabis Cathedral lounge2

Lounge Area

Cannabis Cathedral party 01

One of many parties held

Cannabis Cathedral party 04

Another screenshot of a party