A camera is what the user sees Second Life through. Typical camera functions like zooming the default view in and out with the mouse-wheel are possible. The camera in SL is also alot more "free roaming" than in most other 3D environments, working more like a 3D modeling program camera than a typical "game" camera. Things can be focused on by holding down the "Alt" key and clicking them. Moving the mouse will then move the camera around (rotate) the thing (this is typically referred to as "alt-zoom"). Panning the camera is also possible. Pressing the "Esc" key exits out of most camera changes and restores the camera to the default view.

Camera perspective (FOV: field of view) can be adjusted through the view menu or by using the keyboard shortcuts (see below). A first-person view is possible by entering mouselook through the view menu again or by using the keyboard shortcut ("M").

There are many script functions related to changing camera position.

Keyboard Shortcuts

These keyboard shortcuts can be used to mess with the camera.


  • Alt+Left-Click - Focuses the camera on the item clicked.
  • Alt+Mouse-Move - Rotates the camera around the item (3D).
  • Shift+Mouse-Move - Moves (pans) the camera up, down, left and right (2D).
  • Ctrl+Shift+Mouse-Move - Zooms the camera in and out when moving the mouse up and down.

Field of View/Zooming

  • Mousewheel - The mousewheel can be used to zoom in or out on things that have focus.
  • Ctrl-0 - Narrows camera perspective (FOV), creating a "zoomed in" effect.
  • Ctrl-9 - Returns camera to normal FOV.
  • Ctrl-8 - Widens camera perspective (FOV), creating not only a "zoomed out" effect, but also giving a somewhat "fish eye lense" view.


  • M - Enters the user into "mouselook" mode (first-person view).
  • Esc - Exits out of most camera changes and restores the camera to default position.


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