Rules of Engagement: Home Base

CFK rules of combat must be read by attackers and all CFK personal.

1. Combat

1.1.1) Guns should not fire bullets more than 1M(L)x.5M(R).
1.1.2) Bullets should not be composed of >12 prims.
1.1.3) Bullets should travel at more than 300m/s.

1.2.1) The number of attackers should be determined by the following equation: ((M^2)/2)+2 .
1.2.2) Attackers should not leave non-temporary objects.
1.2.3) Attackers should not target Non-Combatants(See non-Combatants law 2.1)

2. Avatars

2.1.1) Non-Combatants should not be targeted unless, he/she attacks troops on either sides.

3. Land
3.1)Land use

3.1.1) Non-combatants have the choice to let armies use land but this also makes this avatar subject to attack by other
armies and also subjects the avatar's parcel to control by other armies during and after wartime.
3.1.2) Objects should be deleted by armies both attackers and attackees.

Rules of Engagement: Other Parcel

1. Combat

Miscellaneous Group Information

Name Relations Status As of Current Year Founder Current Leader(s) Base location
CFK of BK Home Group June 2010 Dani Riler Dani Riler
United Federaton of Sims Ally June 2010 Various Various Silver redirect arrow Cascade (100,220,107)
EOA Rival June 2010 Unknown Unknown Unknown
Praetos Enemy June 2010 Gaiian Aeon Unknown Unknown
Minerva Special Forces Hostilities June 2010 Unknown Unknown Unknown
{TC} Ally June 2010 Unknown Unknown No Land