Caledon's first resident jurist. Founding resident of Victoria City, Caledon.

Having a developed a penchant for high-end victorian furniture, Miss Ellison opened a shop of fine antiques, Antiques by Ellison, in January 2007.

In July 2007, Miss Ellison, in partnership with builder Subghoul Epsilon, began construction on the Victoria City Sewer system. This complex network of tunnels run beneath Victoria City, and are rumored to contain dens of inquity, tentacled monsters and other intriging areas to explore.

Miss Ellison's wayward niece, Lyra, lives outside Caledon, but occasionally visits, and her father, Rock, has been seen ambling about Caledon looking for a decent glass of Scotch. She is fast friends with many notable long time residents of Caledon including (but certainly not limited to), acclaimed clothing designer Betty Doyle, Barkeep and Teller of Tall Tales Aldo Stern, aforementioned master builder Subghoul Epsilon, and the preeminent Librarian JJ Drinkwater.

Member of the Second Life Bar and the Privy Council of Kintyre.