Bruno Ziskey is the head of the Spartan Military (See Sparta).

When not commanding or training his troops, Bruno Ziskey is leeching money from the Lindens on his largely popular, 50 acre horse farm.

Bruno is the leader, creator, and King of the Spartan Military. (see Sparta).

An adept builder and scripter, much of the Spartan base on Second Chance sim was created by him, in addition to the majority of their current armor, and several of their weapons.

He was married to the Queen of Sparta, Ivy Contepomi.

After divorcing Ivy Contepomi, Bruno Ziskey went into a depression induced, manical rampage. Soon after this rampage, Ziskey began searching for a new queen. While looking for a new queen, Sparta suddenly had a large increase in high command female avatars. (NOT A COINCIDENCE AT ALL ZISKEY.) Soon after this large increase of virtual estrogen, Sparta died. Just flat out died. Ziskey to this day still claims Roudyracoon Hand killed his group by hacking the Bruno Ziskey account.

About 2 years after the death of Sparta, an account named Holylight86 Resident appeared. It was not Bruno Ziskey, clearly, even with the same style prim builds, doom forts, mechs and technology of Sparta. The group he created was called The Holy Order of the Light. It died 3 months later. RIP. Moriarty Static soon joined Chaos Eternus and it died. (GROUPKILLER)

Fast forward to 2015.

ADI - ATLAS DEFENSE INDUSTRIES. Moriarty Static began a new group by the name of ADI. ADI having the greatest funding of all groups of the SLMC, is directly sponsored by Bethesda, who creates all of their mesh. ADI Is a large group that has some of the most skilled fighters of the SLMC including Nana Namari. The most recognizable piece of technology is the Vertibird gunship, it is a completely fair UFO flight type gunship that has an extremely reliable hitbox that never lags behind. ADI is a force to be reckoned with even though it will be dead in the next 3 months. Its death will be the fault of Moriarty himself. Moriarty has exiled a furry from his group while yelling "FURRIES HAVE NO SOULS" at him, therefore insulting 75% of his group. RIP

ADI sponsored milkfarm named T.A.N.K.S. ADI has lost a majority of its funding due to the high interest of the group in the milk from furries and humans alike.