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During the days of Beta, the land of Blue sim was purchased by a group dedicated to the theme of "Americana". Founded by George Busch, this group produced an assortment of builds modeled after American pop culture, travel destinations, and national monuments. The group was often fraught with discord, but their creations brought visitors from all over SL.

The Americana group briefly made news inside and outside of SL as they staged an in-world "tax revolt" to protest land and primitive building/support costs. Though the protest was mostly tongue-in-cheek, at times the rhetoric was fairly intense and some other SL residents did not appreciate the approach taken by Americana members.

The sim continued to exist as a coherent theme until the release of SL 1.1, after which the revised tax systems made it impossible for the group's members to continue holding the entire sim. The Americana builds were briefly restored for viewing during the 2004 Fourth of July celebrations, and will hopefully be seen again periodically.

Blue later became home to an amusement park and a large mountain.

Historical Landmarks

  • Route 66 - With a classic diner and gas station.
  • Fanway Park - A stunning build modeled after Boston's "Fenway", complete with baseball field, green monster left field wall with scoreboard, press box, and grandstand seating.
  • Washington Monument - Tall, graceful structure with an impressive concrete plaza and pavilion of flags.
  • Blue Amusement Park - Lots of fun games and rides were setup here.


  • Americana history originally added by Sinclair Valen, Americana member.