• DCMetaverse

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  • Alexiamellstampa

    La stupenda artista italo-rumena pronta ad estasiare i suoi numerosi ammiratori con la sua consueta classe e le sue forme mozzafiato. Un’ospitata da “Oscar”.

    Due date da segnare come “speciali” sul calendario, perché diversamente non può essere. Alexia Mell torna in Puglia e lo fa nello storico ed inossidabile Showgirls di Fasano, venerdì 17 e sabato 18 luglio. La polivalente artista rumena torna ad infiammare i suoi estimatori, tanti, del tacco dello stivale con la sue curve mozzafiato che le hanno concesso la giusta cittadinanza nella hall of fame del rutilante mondo notturno italiano. Alexia è bella, carismatica e capace di fagocitare ogni sguardo dell’universo maschile che puntualmente è lì ad ammirarla. E ad assicurarsi la professional…

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  • The Successful Service Member




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  • StariAdder

    Hey all!

    I am glad to join Wiki and happy to say that I am finally started my photography activity in Second Life!

    I will gladly asnwer your questions if you pm me here or Im in SL. Also planning some discounts on pics for first 30 orders *winks*

    NC with pricelist will be provided

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  • Starrfairlight

    By Starr Fairlight

    As SL celebrates its 8th b’day, I give pause to reflect on my experiences here. I started SL during beta; a time when we were all on equal footing as noobs; completely lost, awkwardly flying into walls and floundering our way around. I must admit it was nice to be among the majority as is not always the case when one first starts something new. I came reluctantly with the sole intention of a brief visit. I had been hanging out in two Social based VR games; one of which was highly task and skill oriented, the other of which was purely social. A friend from one of them had heard of Second Life Beta and enthusiastically dragged me here. Eight years later I’m still here with the same avatar and just as enchanted by this worl…

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  • NekroLogiK

    We are not much for 'blogging', and we ask that all customers please refer to our website or contact the primary creator ( SL NAME: II3osshogg Blackheart ). We will do our best to fix any issues or bugs reported within 48 hours of getting notice of the issue. If you have rants, raves, or reviews to leave about an item that you got from SLM (by any creator/brand), you may wish to contact the creator before resorting to bashing someones hard work. If you wish to make a public defamation or bash of OUR hard work, we know that this is an open target for those who think 'competitor' is their status with us, & we ask that you please refrain from doing so as we are open to work with other builders & show them how to make their items very very low…

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  • Combateer Chun

    My sweet home...

    November 30, 2010 by Combateer Chun
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  • Combateer Chun

    Hello world!

    November 29, 2010 by Combateer Chun

    Let's make a start with this blog...

    I live a very common life in SL. Well... from a SL perspective that is...

    Who I am, you probably just have read in my profile. That my military life is important to me, well, that is what you have been reading too... What you did not read is that besides the military life I lead, my lovelife and shopping are an important part too.

    In fact, I just finished building and decorating my little cottage at the beach. I will put some pictures and a link to my favorite shop in here too. I promiss!



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  • Alexiamellstampa

    "Only4u, with the participation of Alexia Mell as main actress, is an exciting and action thriller where Alexia is playing an exceptional role about love,passion and seduction games.

    Alexia plays as a sophisticated woman, who invites her virtual clients to meet outside town and then she kills them.

    The main actors display dangerous games with love due to the fact that both want desperately to be loved. "Alexia is caught between two worlds," explains the director Vincenzo Esposito, "a virtual world who gives her love, and another world, the real,full of dark and danger.

    She can not accept the ideea that she deserves to be loved and for this reason she rejects the feeling.

    Can love release ourself???

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  • Dwilson1707


    May 20, 2010 by Dwilson1707

    Hi this is marq thompson im here to provide you some awareness about a unique species(tigers) actually I don’t have any idea how to create impressive article to attract you. My concern is not attracting you basically I want request to please awake and save tiger species because day by day the numbers of tigers in world are decreeing we are human so it's our special duty toward them (tigers, animals) to save their species. Please share your great idea's in the favor to save them-------

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  • Joanna.Spyri

    SL problem

    January 6, 2010 by Joanna.Spyri
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  • DRil

    You are a bitch ok

    December 23, 2009 by DRil

    You are a bitch gaiiean ok editing my page to make it seem like you won ok so go to hell

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  • Leopardsl

    Serendipity Romance

    November 10, 2009 by Leopardsl

    Would love to get some feedback from you all on what you love about SR.

    If you have never been to my island...please pop over....we are in search :)

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  • VulpesNocturnus


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