BetaContributorsWall 05-11-05

Outside Overview

This monument located in Plum (128, 53) is dedicated to the residents who helped test Second Life during its Beta phase. Most likely built at the end of the Beta period by Ryan Linden near the Plum/Lime Welcome Area and sandbox, the monument stands three walls with water gently rolling down their outsides. On the inside, two walls list the names of all the "active" residents at the time of the monument, and the third wall contains a commemoration from Linden Lab.

The center wall reads:"The 1500+ names listed here recognize the most active residents who made the Second Life Beta a tremendous success. Whether you are still part of the journey or someone we hope will one day return, you are all part of this community. A big thank you from all the Lindens and a promise of much more excitement to come."

BetaContributorsWall 2 05-11-05

Inside View

The two other walls have exactly 1593 names "chiseled" into them listed alphabetically, 331 of which are still "active" accounts (the names can be still found in Search > People (05/11/05), as to how active the people actually are is unknown).

On March 29th, 2006, Talila Liu found that behind the north wall there is what appears to be test images that have "Ryan Linden" repeated on them.

Complete List of Contributors

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