Banlink was a free system of sharing ban lists among land holders and estate managers. It was developed by Mera Pixel and Travis Lambert. Much of the components were provided open-source to allow customization by subscribers.


The system was not a global‚ centralized ban list. Rather a collection of individual banlists linked together in a format that could be shared on an ala carte basis. Each of the locations that subscribed to BanLink received a custom-generated banlist based upon their trust selections. The system provided a revolutionary way for similar communities to establish one-way 'trust' relationships with other community's ban lists.

Owners of the device would only trust communities that banned folks for similar reasons that they would. If someone appeared to be unreasonable about their bans‚ groups could choose to no longer trust them‚ and ultimately those bans wouldn't be trusted by anyone.

BanLink promoted accoutability not only for those banned‚ but the landowners doing the banning as well. Those who submitted reasonable bans were rewarded by having their bans honored widely. Those who abuse the system found few willing to trust them.

Hacking and Closure

It was discovered in September of 2009 BanLink could be easily exploited with what's known as an SQL injection, it was used to display information the developers wanted to keep private, including users passwords. The system was later shutdown due to lack of developers.

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