Balaster is currently Jr. Enlisted Member of Chthonic Syndicate's Ground Division.

Military History


Before MC, Balaster spent some time as a member of 2142.

Militant Collective

In March of '08, Balaster joined the MC. Upon completing his training, he first joined their Fleet. After little success, he transfered to Infantry where his commander was Jace Moller. Between June and July of '08, Balaster made his way up the ranks in the corp.

That summer, upon Raideur's leave and Aeonite Silvera's promotion, Jace resigned from his position and left Balaster in charge. After Aeonite left for basic in March of '09, he assumed the rank of Branch Commander (C-2) and co-lead the group with Amalia Irata.


After MC split up, Balaster joined Vanguard as a Marauder Offizier and helped with their training program.


He eventually left VG and joined Kratus for a short period of time, while both he and the organization were fairly inactive. After a short period of time, Balaster left Kratus.

Chthonic Syndicate

A month or so after Kratus, Balaster joined up with CS.