Baba Sucks

Baba Yamamoto sucks.



Baba joined Second Life during the late beta on May 27, 2003 rush after seeing a posting on Slashdot. Moving quickly, he purchased some prime public land over the water in a little sim called Taber. Around this time Linden Lab announced a project to make available land to several projects for their use in developing large sim wide landmark builds. Baba helped form the group Little Tokyo, whose goal was to build an Japanese anime inspired sim. The project tinkered and toiled for a while before Linden Lab opened the sims to the public. Each surviving project recived a landmark icon on the world map. Due to the land tools at the time, Linden Dollar taxes, general apathy the Little Tokyo project sort faded away after beta.

For version 1.6, Baba Yamamoto engineered a showing of Godzilla in the preview grid version of Luskwood that was attended by Lindens and leaders of the Luskwood community. This is the first known serious deployment of streaming video in Second Life.

1.0 and beyond

After Second Life went live, Baba purchased one of the coveted Lifetime Member Accounts with a beta discount for $160 USD. Never having to pay for Second Life again? Priceless. Baba has contributed significantly to Second Life's development through regular visits to the Test Grid as well as his work for libsecondlife, though this has been tempered by tendency towards behavior on the Live Grid perceived as (but not necessarily) anti-social in recent times.

Preview Testing

Looking for that old beta feel, Baba regularly visits the Preview Grid to check out the new functionality, and try to break things.



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