Ayatora Slade is well known in SL for being a great animator and his store SHC (Silver Hawk Company). More than 3 armies use his animations. Ayatora Slade is aretired Merczateer Commander (C-1)


  • Rank: Commander - Polkovnik ( C-1 )
  • Roles:

-Nightshift Overseer

-Recruitment Overseer

-Infrastructure Overseer

  • Class: Komissariat.
  • Joined: No information
  • Merits:

-Combat Proficiency - Class One -Combat Proficiency - Class Two

-Combat Proficiency - Class Three

-Appreciation Merit

-Financial Merit

-Commander Merit x2

-Drill Instructor Merit

-Engineering Merit

-Infantry Distinction Merit

-Defense Proficiency Merit

-Dress and Appearance Merit

-Assault Proficiency Merit

-Good Conduct Merit

-Medic Proficiency Merit

-Melee Proficiency Merit

-Recruiting Merit

-Unity Merit

-Dedication Merit

-Activity Merit

-Character Merit

-Communications Merit

-Breach Merit

-Epic Merit x2

Silver Hawk Company

Store 002

Silver Hawk Company Logo

Store 001

SHC Main Store

Store 003

SHC Main store

Silver Hawk Company (also known shorthand as SHC) is the store of Ayatora Slade located at the sim Silver Hawk.

Products for sale inside the store:

Rifles SMGs:
HK XM8 ASsault RifleArgus Spec Ops / SMG / PDW
SDR-5 Assault Rifle / Tactical Rifle / Spec OpsH&K MP5 R.A.S
Korean K2 Assault RifleG38 PDW
SVD DragunovM1A1 Thompson
Remington M870 MCSMAC-10
XM-48 Tactical Rifle
G38 Assault Rifle / LMG / Sniper RifleHandguns:
FN Scar-LRaging Bulls Concept
M24 SWSColt Python .357 Magnum
L96A1Glock 17
M249Deset Eagle
RPK-74S&W M29 Satan
HK 416RPG-7
M14 SOCOMPanzerfaust
Garret M92 .50 Caliber Sniper RifleCombat Knife
M4 Sniper / M203SHC Combat Suit
M733SHC Infantry Suit
M590 ShotgunSHC Light Infantry Suit
Combat AO - Hangun's.
Combat AO -SMG's.
Combat AO - Rifles.
Combat AO - Dual.
Combat AO - Hangun V 2.0.
Combat AO - SMG V 2.0.
Combat AO - Rifle V 2.0

  • Lucky Chair Prizes:

-Combat Armor

-SH Spec Shotgun

-SH M7 Assault Rifle

-SH Handgun

-Female Digital Camo suit

-Female Wood Camo suit

-Female Desert Camo suit


Ayatora Slade is currently sponsoring the following armies with his animations.