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The old original Avatar Central in Natoma, picture by Kex Godel

A Linden-owned store where any resident could place items for sale to the general public. Avatar Central was constructed as a glass and brick build with a graceful, large-radius glass front and had a loft-type second floor toward the rear of the store. The original store was located in Natoma near the "Newbie Corral" (Welcome Area). Later, when the color sims were added, an architectural twin was built in Aqua, but that location carried more expensive items.

Avatar Central was around during the time when sim prim allocation was shared for the whole sim total. This had the effect that a resident would sometimes not be able to drop objects in Avatar Central due to the simulator being at its max prim allocation.

The stores allowed for any resident to leave items for sale in any open spot as long as it didn't block another resident's products. The amount of items leavable was not limited, but it was asked that high-prim objects were put in a single object to be respectful to others for the shared prim allocation. The stores were often called the most realistic looking stores, with various different items laid out on shelves and hanging on the walls.

Avatar Central in Natoma was later surrounded by Linden 'streets' which were lined with shops and often commanded the highest price for land. The Avatar Central in Aqua had no streets--just mostly open ground with various shops around it as well. With the opening of the Luna Oaks Galleria, both Avatar Centrals were closed (and deleted). Chip Midnight's store in Aqua is now where Avatar Central once stood.

Avatar Central, Aqua, 6/19/03 [photo by Bino Arbuckle; placed in the reconstructed Avatar Central in Aqua 9/12/07; this is a snapshot of that display, taken 4/12/10]

BlackAdder York's recreation of the old Avatar Central, in Aqua.

BlackAdder York rebuilt Avatar Central in Aqua (it's actually closer to the Natoma one in structure). Started on 2-05-2005, Avatar Central is now open again for sellers but it requires reserved spots and is not open for anyone to place objects for sale (due to prim limits).

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