Known by many as the Push Master, created the first orbit any where on the TG which was later open sourced, creating mass hatred and soon betrayal. Astro then created the account "Krypt Hax" due to a back stabbing friend in New Rome who stole his land from Syntrax Corporation. The person no longer exists (Squedd Plankett).


Astro is now an active member in Vayu Corporation which was created in 2007 after leaving Syntrax Corporation, this is a combined effort with some of the finest builders, and scripters that the TG had to offer. As Krypt Hax he released "The Gizmo Eclipse Hud", and started work on "The Gizmo Telos Hud" but it was never finished. 


Today Astro is now known as Infamous TopHat and is a free lance coder for New Rome. Spending most of his time making weapons and huds.