Arcadia Asylum is a content creator who is known for her 'hobo' creations in Second Life which are mostly found as freebies scattered around the Second Life Grid, though she has built (and given away) in a number of themes, including Privateer space, pirate and Victorian, Hobo, Slum, Steampunk, Aquatic or Mermaid, as well as specialty builds Like the Disney Nautilus, the journey to the center of the earth adventure ride and the first man in the moon adventure ride (just to name a few). Besides great texturing, her work often has an added element of humor and irony. She has been active inworld since Before 2007 under the names Arcadia Asylum, Aley Arai, Lora Lemon and Aley.  Her builds exhibit an indepth understanding of Second Life and her use of textures and her scripts appear simple, but often are very sophisticated.


Tribute To Arcadia Asylum

She left Second Life for the OS Grid in Late 2007 after her inventory was lost and return as Aley Aria to create the marvelous body of work known as the Privateer Space build.


Privateer Space

Once again her inventory was lost and she left us.

At some time during 2010 she returned and started creating again, The Pirate town of Floatsam, every building will burn and explode after a number of hits, The Nemo's World Collection of under sea structures and habitats, a seven sim build for Fanci's Deep for the merfolk of SL, the seaview sunken boardwalk complete with Rides, Games and entertainments.

Since her return to Second Life in 2010 it is Estimated that the body of content she has created is now Close to 3000 items.

Regardless of the name she uses or the style she builds in, she gives away all of her items using her own license, which permits everything except for resale.

Taxi and buildings by Arcadia Asylum

In June 2011, the only real Arcadia Asylum Library simply disappeared, The owner had Lost his land and his network vendors shut down.

In july 2011, a new group Emerged to fill the void "The Arcadia Asylum Libraries and Exhibits group", this group has now grown to almost a dozen Libraries in second life where the work of collecting and distributing these wonderful items is carried on.

The Library and Exhibits Group also does the Second Life Birthday Celebrations, Burn2 and assorted hunts through out the year to help spread awareness of This great Ladies work and generousity.

The Library Locations:

Makazi Sim

Mieville Wells Sim Cog & Grog Arcadia Asylum Free Center

The TinLizzy Share Shop an Arcadia Asylum free shop

Kissling Arcadia Warehouse

Hobo Freebies Calleta Arcadia Asylum Freebies

Pala Sim, Pala space station Arcadia Asylum Freebies Use the Teleporter at the landing site

The House of Freedom Arcadia Hobo Freebies

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