Anthoney Biedermann Or (Anthony Miller) Is the Chairman & Founder Of AB Designs Incorporated.

Anthony has been active in Role-Playing in many different cities around Second Life including Omega City with Keegan Choche And The City of Concord, Mascouten ect, and he's worked with Jefferson Twig on many different project's since 2010 as with Timmy Bulmer,

Anthony is also a former Second Life Mentor. 

2009 Controversey

Originally in December 2009 Anthony was accused of Copybotting using the illegial Viewer Neil-Life and was banned. In September 2011 he was unbanned from Second Life which later he found out that he'd been suspended by Linden Labs instead of Banned in December 2009, since then he's been active working with AB Designs and anything else, he co-founded The City of Calton Heights in January 2012 With Timmy Bulmer along side rsd58 congrejo.

Personal Life

Anthony live's in Towson Maryland which is 14 minute's out side of Baltimore with his wife Sarah and his 3 Year old daughter and his new born son. 

Anthony can be found on Twitter and Facebook Under the username "anthonymAB'