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Anshe Chung built an online business that engages in development, brokerage and arbitrage of virtual land, items and currencies.

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Anshe initially participated in SL's economy running a personal escort business out of Cannabis Cathedral, and created custom avatar animations. Her profits from these businesses served as her entry into the burgeoning SL real-estate market. Currently, Anshe owns over a hundred servers worth of land. Most of her servers are fairly quickly rented or sold to other users; however, she still has set a number of land-related records for SL.

Anshe is also well-known for her zoning practices. She often strives to restrict the development of her sims so that areas remain largely residential, which has drawn both success and criticism. Anshe has also developed a business trading Linden dollars apart from Linden's official service.

Anshe has attracted major media attention through her success, with articles in such magazines as Fortune, Wired, and Business 2.0

On April 1st 2006, Anshe was temporarily banned from Second Life due to her account being overdrawn after payment of tier and new sims. Later that day she was unbanned.


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