Andie Apollo[] It was 11.1.2003, a cold autum evening. A girl came from TSO( The Sims Online) to a new World. From a 2D world to her first 3D world. A new world, a new game, but had 1000 questions.

It was dark in the world and nobody was there quiet and that made her a little scared. The moonlight and lovely views, made her more excited about this new world. I had to find out about this new game, new life, my secound life, were her thoughts.

She flew around ...oh man what a great feeling...woohoo I can fly, she said. Suddenly she saw 2 green points in her little map.Oh finally some people are here.

It was a lovley garden and a big house. Everything so detailed and cute. She met Vivian and Div. She said: Hi, I am new here ...just started this game. I dont know what to And so started to keep asking about SL. It was the beginn to find out about this world, to meet new friends and learn more and more...

But who is Andie Apollo?...First girl from Austria in SL. What does she created in SL? rose for love, unicorn, griffin, babies in SL ... What does she do in SL? Opernball in SL She created over 100 babies in SL. [1] She started the first Election in SL and wanted to be president of SL. "Stop to sell babies in box" is one of the best joke in SL.